Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Amy Pond Outfit - The pandorica opens/the big bang

Hello again, this is my third little blog, and it is from The double episode final, I love this outfit, it is perfect for this season, too.:

 This leather jacket is similar to the one in the episode, it's just a bit shorter, it is in the sale for a short time only (through Christmas) and is just £24.99!. That is incredibly cheap for a leather jacket (may not be real leather). You can buy it in store or online at new look.
 These gloves are a little darker than the original ones from the episode, but they're very similar and are just £3.99 from They are good quality and are reduced in price, includes a small shipping price. Most items from Amazon do, but not all of them, check before buying.

These jeans are from matalan. Very similar to the ones  in the show, these are like a canvas material, rather than jeans, just like Amy's. They are papaya (which is some of the best quality you can get) and are just £14.00, you can get many other styles and canvas styles too, in the Christmas range (loads of different jeans), all £10 per pair, so hurry!.
 These boots are original, new, but very good quality and made from REAL LEATHER. They aren't cheap, but the cheapest I can find for a very similar styled pair of cowboy boots, unisex (mainly for girls, you can tell.). They are £84.99 from, if you can't afford them, look on there for a pair of plain black boots, that too, will look fabulous, no one will know the difference;).
This red scarf is very well made, it is hand sewn, but very cheap. It is like Amy's, and is £3.45 from If you want exact, go to sainsbury's and go the TU section, they sell the official scarf for just £3. It is long, and matches everything, yes, just £3.00. (I think it's official, it looks identical to Amy's anyway.

 This T shirt is great! It is plain, but stands out because of it's fab indigo colour, it is £3.50 from Matalan, now, that price, is affordable by everyone.
Layering is soooo now, also it's coming to the cold season, so we need to layer up to stay warm and prevent colds. This vest it just a basic violet one, buy it from new look for just £5. Or from the Sophie range in Internationale for just £3.99. Layer this one on top of the dark purple one. Amy wears dark underneath, light on top, that's just the way to go. :).

The necklace is back again. And it is just £21.99, and it is 9ct gold, definitely a bonus right?. Purchase yours from Argos.

Keep updated for more of Amy's outfits.:).

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